World’s 4 Most Expensive Megaprojects

  • Guest Blog
  • 3 years ago

A megaproject can be considered as zeniths of human accomplishment with the hint of innovations and new techniques. Megaprojects are something that simply doesn’t have any shortcuts. These ambitious projects involve huge money and are futuristic in nature. The builders often have to embrace the unknown that is often filled with risks and also cost overruns.

We will take up top 4 mega projects that have actually impacted the history of the construction industry.

  • International Space Station(ISS)

As of 2015, it has been estimated that the most expensive single artefact ever built by a human is the International Space Station at a cost of $150 billion. This orbits the Earth at an altitude of over 300 Km. and can also be seen with naked eye. The space station shines brighter than Venus in the night sky and will undergo expansion in 2024. Some expect that the cost will rise up to 1 trillion. This is a joint project between five participating space agencies that includes America’s NASA, Europe’s ESA, Russia’s Roscosmos, Japan’s JAXA, and Canada’s CSA.Dennis Tito, an American multimillionaire entrepreneur, has paid $20 million and is the first person ever to fly to the station as a self-funded space tourist. He stayed for 8 days on the station before flying back to Earth. The ISS weighs 925,000 pounds (419,600 kilograms). This figure is equivalent to more than 320 cars.

  • Al Maktoum International Airport

Dubai city has some impressive architectural structures. This world’s biggest airport has been opened in 2010 and this will get completed fully by 2018. It is the main part of the Dubai World Central, a planned logistics, residential and commercial complex. The airport has a capacity of 12 million tons of freight and can accommodate 160 to 260 million passengers.

  • California High-Speed Rail

A high-speed rail system spanning 1300 Km with 24 stations has been planned to link San Francisco with Los Angeles. It will have high-speed electric trains and they can complete the trip in less than 3 hours at 320Km/hr. The construction work started in 2015. The stations and lines all will get completed by 2029. The value of the rail will be $70 billion.

  • Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project, India

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is not just a visionary project in India but also for the world. It will include 24 industrial regions, two mass rapid transit systems, two airports, eight smart cities, five power projects and two logistical hubs. By the year of 2019, the first phase of the $90 billion project is a freight corridor linking Delhi and Mumbai. This is one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects that come with an estimated investment of US$90 billion.

Big or mega projects continue for a long span of time and errors are quite common. Management of information almost becomes a challenge to achieve. All projects can be completed with faster project efficiencies, few errors with construction project management software.