Workforce Socks

When I was asked to review some socks, I will confess immediately to wondering why? I means socks are, well, socks. You either like the colour and they fit, or you don’t, and they don’t. Next pair please.

But then my mothers words ring in my ears; well, how do they wash up then?

As much as we think our parents talked rubbish when we were kids, she was right – as ever!!

Fortunately, these ones (so far) remain fairly similar when they come out of the wash to when they went in. So Far, So Good.

These are not just socks though. These are socks with Tech – thats with a capital ‘T’, with sixteen different guises, models, options in the range; we are somewhat spoiled for choice, as they say.

I am just a common or garden Building Design Expert, who pays a few visits to site, does a bit of walking and hiking. In all cases one of the most important bits of kit from your wardrobe is the footwear, very closely followed by what goes inside them. No use putting on a pair of executive boardroom socks; whilst they may be of the finest cotton, they will soon become shredded inside a pair of boots. The workforce socks, it seems also contain the finest cotton, but mixed with Polyester and elastane and in some cases polypropylene and bamboo (yes bamboo) in just the right proportions, they have rescued my feet on more than one occasion from a hammering inside some rigger boots that decided they were going to bite back.

Check this – the Workforce sock collection, between them, have built-in:

  • A special knit that forms an arch and heel support.
  • Specially located terry bowling padding just where it’s needed.
  • A special knit that forms ventilation panels just where they are needed – I know what you’re thinking, and these aren’t holes either.
  • The reason these socks are so comfortable is that they are manufactured, like your boots, for a left and a right foot.
  • The knit to both heel and toe areas are enhanced with polypropylene.
  • There is a special ‘toe seam’, to allow extra movement of your toes, just when your feet want to stay still.
  • No more too tight socks around your legs, as the top of these socks have a kitted soft rib welt – You’ll know what it is when you see it.
  • Some of the collection include Bamboo fibres in the weave to enhance anti-bacterial action, in conjunction with ‘Silverplus’ – useful after a long sweaty day on site, or anywhere else.

All this tech comes at a price, but I don’t know about you but I would always rather buy a quality product once, than buy cheap and buy twice. My granny said that you get what you pay for with everything, and that includes socks.

You can check out the complete range of Workforce socks by clicking the link.

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COMPETITION – WIN One of 5 packs of safety boot socks (3 prs/pk)

Workforce socks are designed to be the toughest, sturdiest and most comfortable in the market.

For people with demanding jobs, Workforce socks are engineered to withstand the pressures of physical work, ensuring you can get on with the job at hand with comfort and protection.

The Workforce range is supported by celebrity builder and DIY expert, television’s Tommy Walsh.  Tommy knows how important it is to have the best clothing and footwear for when he is working and his socks are no different.

“Workforce are the hardest wearing socks I’ve ever worn and also the most comfortable. They provide me with the comfort and protection I need when I’m working hard or when I’m out and about. They’re warm, but never get too hot; they’re padded, extra strong and fit comfortably with my working boots and shoes. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but Workforce have a range of socks ideal for workwear purposes” – Tommy Walsh

Workforce are giving you the chance to win one of 5 packs of their Safety Boot Socks, offering the wearer full Terry Cushion footbed for the maximum comfort and shock absorption and a comfort cuff and fine toe seams designed for total comfort.  Made rich with cotton, each sock in this pack has been constructed for tough durability whilst the maximum density sole padding will ensure that each step you take is cushioned and protected. Fit is integral to these boot socks and with arch support technology, these socks will stay in place and not move around inside your shoe.

To enter this competition just answer the following question:

Who is the brand ambassador for Workforce Socks?

a)      Charlie Dimmock

b)      Alan Titchmarsh

c)       Tommy Walsh

Email your answer to – please put “Workforce Socks Competition” in the subject heading, along with your own email, name and address details.

The competition will run until 31 January 2015, after which the five lucky winners will be drawn at random and the socks dispatched to them soon after.

You do not have to make any purchase to enter this competition, which is being run jointly between and Workforce Socks.

We guarantee that your address details will not be retained beyond the competition end date and you will not receive any follow up marketing mail as a result of taking part.