What to Do if You Have Suffered an Injury on a Construction Site

  • Guest Blog
  • 1 year ago

Construction sites can be a minefield, and everywhere you turn could be another hazard. This is why accidents on construction sites are so common. Construction injury cases can also be difficult to decipher and can be difficult for victims who are trying to get compensated. However, with the proper help, and by understanding your rights as a victim, you’ll be able to get compensation for any emotional and financial loss you may have suffered. Here’s what you should do if you were a victim of a construction site accident.

Get Immediate Medical Assistance

It’s important that you seek immediate help for any injury you suffered. Not only will this be used as evidence later on, but not going immediately could cause some complications; complications that could require additional treatment later on. If the defendant can demonstrate that any additional suffering was caused by you delaying treatment, they could deny any liability in this case.

After you were treated, it’s important to respect the follow-up instructions given by your doctor. This will not only ensure that you recover, but they will be able to monitor the progress of your injuries.

Seek Legal Help

As soon as you’ve received treatment, it’s also essential that victims seek legal help immediately. This will allow your attorney to protect your rights from the very beginning and help you navigate throughout the case. For instance, insurance companies will routinely try to get statements from you that could diminish or discredit your claim.

Only a skilled construction injury attorney will be able to help you avoid these pitfalls and allow you to get maximum compensation. Teams like Greenberg and Stein construction accident lawyers, for instance, have decades of experience in the domain and know how insurance companies work in and out. They also have a better understanding of the settlement and negotiation process and will better be able to tell you if a settlement is reasonable or if you should take the case to trial.

It’s also very important that you move fast and don’t wait to file a claim. In some cases, you could be prevented from filing a claim because of the statute of limitations. In other cases, like those involving public entities, you have to start the process even sooner. You’ll first have to give notice of claim to the proper state agency before filing a claim for it to be valid.

Workers’ Rights

If you were a worker on the site, you also have rights, even though not every accident will be covered. If it was judged that the accident was caused by negligence from the employer, like omitting certain pieces of security equipment, or faulty equipment, then you might be eligible for a claim. This could be through workers’ compensation or a civil suit against the employer.

Construction site injury cases are never easy to deal with. But if you take the proper steps and work with a professional team that is dedicated to your case, you’ll be compensated for any injury you may have suffered.