Drawing in 3D will soon be as “intuitive as sketching with paper”

  • Building Design Expert
  • 6 years ago

Building designers will soon be able to walk around inside 3D sketches of their projects and edit their designs as they go, according to the team behind the revolutionary Gravity Sketch 3D drawing pad.

“You’ve done the CAD drawing and you want to make some amendments in the virtual reality that you’ve just created,” said Oluwaseyi Sosanya, one of a team of four Royal College of Art and Imperial College London students who developed the device.

“You can you can just plug in with [virtual reality headset] Oculus Rift and walk around this environment and make amendments.”

“Gravity Sketch is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch out ideas in 3D space,” he said. “It’s a bridge between paper and computer. We wanted to make it just as natural and intuitive as sketching with paper.”

The device consists of a clear acrylic tablet with a joystick and a sliding control on one side. The user sketches on the tablet – called a “landing pad” – in 2D with a stylus held in one hand while manipulating the controls with the other, to create the third dimension of the drawing.

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