BLÅKLÄDER Workwear Product Review – Sept’15

  • Building Design Expert
  • 5 years ago


A Building Design Expert Review of some selected workwear suitable for use by construction professionals whilst visiting construction sites. The focus is on the manufacturer’s clothing fabric technology that promotes breathability, warmth and resistance to the weather providing overall comfort.

This review looks at a handful of garments that may suit a building design, or construction professional either going to, or working on a building/construction site. The emphasis is on the performance of the clothing fabrics that allow them to breath, whilst keeping you totally dry, warm and therefore comfortable.

The first item on review is Blåkläder’s “Pro Soft-shell Jacket“. This is a well designed, lightweight shell jacket that keeps thewind and water out, and is perfect for travelling to and from building sites, and great for wearing in the car. My only criticism is the lack of a safe lined inner pocket. There is a pocket, but it’s not deep enough to safely look after my wallet, so I keep that in the external zipped chest pocket.

On cooler days I have actually worn the next item on test over the Pro Soft-shell jacket, and they work fine together. The “Hi-Viz Soft-shell Vest” solves the problem of being visible whilst on site, but also being dry and comfortable, with the important feature of a good range of pockets in which to keep all the personal and working kit that you would ideally like to keep with you, rather than leave in the car, or a site office. This jacket is fleece lined and has a waterproof outer layer, with a fully breathable construction through all layers.

Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always respect when you need to be on a construction site. But, if you really have to the Blåkläder “Hi-Viz Parka” is going to be one of your best assets. It’s reassuringly heavy, but not that it would bother you, and the removable thermal lining has some nice tight elasticated cuffs – a simple but useful detail that undoubtedly promotes comfort and warmth. The Parka shell fabric just oozes robust quality in terms of being hard wearing and totally water tight; and with the hood up and pulled tight the weather can do it’s worst for minimal sufferance.

To cap off the review I thought it was pointless keeping your body warm and dry and ignoring the extremities. Gloves can present a problem if you need to hold equipment, or just make some notes. I found Blåkläder’s “Fingerless Gloves” provided a quality solution to that one, beating the one’s my granny knitted me out of site. They just leave the top halves of the thumb and first two fingers exposed – enough so you can work, with the third and little fingers nicely covered up. That’s about as perfect as you’re going to get on a building site.

Finally the Blåkläder “Beanie Hat” as ever, transcends young, old, management and labourer and just does the job. What can I say about a beanie hat other than the fabric is warm and soft; it has a great one-size-fits-all stretch fit – and if it came in a tin it would do exactly what the wording on the tin said – No problem.