Tips on Finding a Qualified Electrician for Same Day Electrical Service

  • Guest Blog
  • 2 years ago

Let’s do a little time travel. Imagine going back to the time when you study and eat your dinner by candlelight. The latter sounds romantic, isn’t it? But not at all when it’s the only constant thing you have to light up the night!

Also, imagine handwashing all your clothes, beddings, drapes, and rugs. No TV. No Netflix. No Instagram or YouTube. You guess, millennials can’t last a day.

Well, folks, we’re not talking about bringing back the stone age kind of lifestyle. That’s a thing of the past. But one of the reasons why we enjoy comfortable living and so many techy stuffs these days is that we have electricity. Nowadays, that’s something most of us view as a basic necessity. That’s especially true when your job heavily relies on it. Sure thing, when a power outage occurs, you wouldn’t want to wait for it to be fixed for several days. As much as possible, you’ll opt for a same day electrical service.

For such a short notice though, how can you pool top electrician experts and choose from them the most qualified candidate who can best handle the repair needed?

Start the Search

Do the search as soon as you notice the need for electrical repair. You better don’t attempt to DIY electrical renovations, unless you have a background on this job. Electrical repairs are risky if not done the right way along with proper safety protocols. So, go ahead and search online top-rated board-certified electricians around your area. You may also check out your telephone directory for possible candidates. And oh, don’t forget the easiest option around: Go, ask for referrals from your friends and co-workers.

Check Client Reviews

Once you have several companies or independent contractors in mind, it’s better to check their online reputation first before making a phone call or suggesting a meetup for estimates. Social networking sites are a good place to go. Many clients openly voice out their experiences and opinions about certain services on social media, whether that be good or disappointing. On these sites, you can easily contact them to ask for further details about the service of your prospective electrician.

Another option is to call the candidates on your list and ask for references. You may politely ask them for the contact details of their most recent clients so you can discuss with them what they think about the service. Read this article for more pieces of advice on how to choose a reliable electrician.

Meet up with the Qualified Candidate

It’s not advised to discuss pricing over the phone or email. Because who can ever accurately figure out how much an electrical repair would cost if he has not seen and evaluated it at all? Either the service would be overpriced or underpriced. So, don’t agree on a fixed rate when your electrician hasn’t visited your place yet. Of course, you can always ask for estimates as you describe the nature of the electrical repair needed so you’ll have an idea of how much you should prepare for the payment.

Find Out their Rules on Warranty

Most reliable electricians would offer a warranty. So be sure to discuss it with your potential candidates when pooling top-rated contractors. Find out what is included in the warranty and for how long it is valid.

They Should Have Liability Insurance

Electrical service company owners should basically get a liability insurance because this job poses some risks for both their employees and their clients, as well as their properties. Find out more information about liability insurance here:

Check Valid Licenses

Of course, your contractor should be a legit electrician. But besides an electrician’s license, he also needs to provide a license required by the local government for his business to be able to operate in your area.

Get to Know Their Safety Record

How’s your contractor’s safety record so far? If there’s a way you can find out, you’d surely want to get to know more details about this topic. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire someone who haphazardly carries out his job or someone who is not very competent to get the task done well.

Finding the right electrical contractor isn’t that tough as long as you know where to search, what to look for, and what questions you should ask once you’ve picked a potential candidate.