The Most Famous Steel Buildings

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  • 7 years ago

Every once in a while architects manage to design and construct buildings that seriously impress everyone who’s lucky enough to pay them a visit. For structural reasons, most of these monsters are made from reinforced steel, which goes part of the way towards explaining why they’re so incredibly durable. With that in mind, today we’re going to look at some of the world’s most famous and recognisable steel buildings and hopefully learn a little bit about their construction. You will have heard about all of them at some point in the past, but we’re almost certain you don’t yet fully appreciate just how amazing they really are…

The Eiffel Tower

Image courtesy of Terrazzo via Flickr

This was once the world’s tallest building for almost 42 years, and so most people know a thing or two about it. Built in 1889 to mark France being chosen as the destination for the World Fair, it shocked and compelled millions for generations. Still today, it’s one of the main tourist attractions in the whole of Paris, and one of the most recognisable structures on the planet. At 320 meters tall, it mainly plays host to tourists looking to get a good view of the city, but in recent times, It’s also been used as a communications transmitted for radio signals.

The Empire State Building

Image courtesy of Ivo Jansch via Flickr

Since its construction was completed in early 1931, The Empire State Building has been one of the most iconic and stunning skyscrapers on the planet. For more than 40 years, it was the world’s tallest building, and it’s still one of the reasons many tourists visit New York. Staggeringly, it only took builders around thirteen months to complete from start to finish, and was supposedly modelled on a pencil standing on its end. Anyone with the will to do so, and still take a trip to the top and check out the most amazing view of the city.

The Chrysler Building

Image courtesy of Stefano Brivio via Flickr

For around twelve months in 1930, this building was awarded with the title of largest in the world. It took over from the Eiffel Tower, and was soon outdone by the Empire State Building. Even so, it’s design is intriguing, and shows far more creativity than most of the others listed here. While you might think it looks like any old run-of-the-mill skyscraper, it actually features a number of completely original features that helped to pave the way for huge structures of the future. Just take a look at the top section in the photograph above. Totally awe inspiring.

The Willis Tower

Image courtesy of Alex Actipis via Flickr

Lastly, we come to the world famous Willis Tower. Construction on this building lasted for around three years until it finally opened for the first time in 1973. Also known as the Sears Tower, it’s been featured in a number of big-budget Hollywood films, and over the years has become one of the main tourist attractions in Chicago. On top of this, the building has won a number of industry awards for design, and in recent times, viewing boxes have been installed at the top to allow visitors the best view possible of the city.

So guys, after reading about the world’s most famous steel buildings, we hope you’ve gained an insight into some of the wonders you can visit when on your next vacation. Alternatively, if there are any architects reading this post, we hope you’ve got the inspiration needed to design something just as impressive.

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