The Features of the Highest Quality Lubricant for Heavy Machinery

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  • 2 years ago

Just like cars cannot run without good engine oil, heavy machinery, such as heavy trucks, construction equipment, and heavy hydraulics cannot work without a good lubricant. A high-quality lubricant is the single most important thing that keeps heavy machinery up and running for long hours and enhances its useful life.

The problem is that with such intense market competition, it’s really difficult to select the highest quality lubricant for heavy machinery. However, it’s not impossible. There are ways to determine the quality of the lubricant that you’re using. And this is what this article is about.

A friction in motion is created when two metal parts inside machinery come into contact or rub on one another. That’s why lubricants are used in order to make machinery run smoothly. The higher the quality of a lubricant, the better the performance of the machinery. That’s the reason why the quality of a lubricant matters so much when it comes to maintaining heavy machinery. For an uninterrupted performance of heavy machinery, consider using Spectra Oil lubricants.

Here are a few qualities of the highest quality lubricant that is suitable for heavy machinery.

1-  Viscosity

When a lubricant resists the deforming forces, it is referred to as the lubricant’s viscosity. If you use a good quality lubricant, you will notice that it maintains appropriate viscosity at both high and low temperatures.

2-  Flash Point and Fire Point

The minimum temperature at which oil catches fire for a moment only when a flame is brought closer to it is called the flash point, while the lowest temperature at which oil actually burns continuously is called the fire point. In order to avoid the chances of oil catching fire, the flashpoint must always be higher than the temperature of the rubbing surfaces.

The fire point is supposed to be higher than oil’s flash point, and the ideal difference between the two points is 18-degrees centigrade.

3-  Volatility

Lubrication oil tends to lose some weight because of evaporation when it is exposed to high temperatures for a long duration. This phenomenon is known as the loss by evaporation. The more a lubricant evaporates, the more volatile it is. Thus, in order to identify the highest quality of lubricant, make sure it has low volatility.

4-   The Stability of Lubricant

Stability of oil refers to its ability to resist oxidation. It’s obvious that a high-quality lubricant always has high stability. Another feature of high-quality lubricants is that it doesn’t allow hydrocarbons to decompose into carbon when subjected to high temperature. This is known as insoluble residue and a good lubricant must not leave any insoluble residue.

These are some basic features of the highest quality lubricant that you should use in heavy machinery. If you’re aware of these qualities, you will make the right choice and select a lubricant that not only ensures smooth performance of heavy machinery but also adds a couple of years to its life.