The Common Industry Uses for Aluminum Foil Tape

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  • 2 years ago


You probably see it in grocery stores. It is probably found inside your cupboard. When you drop by your favourite snack house, you get your burger wrapped in it. And when you go home from a party, your generous friend wraps a take-home pasta in it. Your mom was furious when she didn’t notice she ran out of its supply, especially because she’s going to throw a backyard dinner party later and her big problem now is how she’s going to wrap that savoury, juicy roasted chicken. Also, sure thing, she wants to give guests some take-home delights.

You’re right. You’ve figured it out. We’re talking about aluminium foil—a kitchen staple your mom can’t live without. Not only because it’s an essential food wrap, but it’s a versatile item you can use for a couple of genius lifehacks. Check it out here.

Want to bake a perfect pie crust? Cover the edges of your pies with aluminium foil and see what happens. You get a perfectly browned pie without burnt edges.

You certainly want to preserve the warmth and freshness of your bread and rolls when you go out on a sunny-day picnic at the park. Easy. Place an aluminium foil in the basket, wrap your bread and rolls in a table napkin and put them in the basket.

And how about keeping your silver items untarnished? Once they’re cleaned, store them on top of an aluminium foil sheet to keep their lustre. Yes, you’re welcome. Indeed, we need aluminium in our daily life.

Aluminum—the Most Versatile Metal We’ve Known

When it comes to its variety of uses, aluminium is incomparable. In fact, if you count how many times a day you use an item with aluminium component, you may be surprised that you haven’t noticed its presence at all. Actually, without this versatile metal, we cannot enjoy the many things that make our life easier today in terms of transportation, medicine, technology, communication, and many other fields. Some of its uses are not even easily apparent. Take for example its importance as a component in producing mirrors. Find out more:

As compared to other metals, aluminium has several advantages:

  • It is lightweight. Because of its lightweight nature, aluminium is now being widely used as a component in manufacturing transport vehicles that are fuel-efficient. Also, you might be wondering what the wings of an aeroplane are made of. That’s none other than aluminium. Its lightweight nature, flexibility and durability make it ideal for this aircraft component.
  • It resists corrosion. While aluminium is already known as corrosion-resistant, you can further improve this quality by painting its surface or applying other surface treatments.
  • It is an excellent heat and electricity conductor. Its ability as an excellent heat and electricity conductor makes aluminium an ideal material commonly used in power transmission lines.
  • It is impermeable. It’s no secret. Everyone is fond of using aluminium foil for packing food and other sensitive items such as medicines because it is completely impermeable. It doesn’t allow gases or liquid to come out, even a light aroma.
  • It is odourless. Aluminium is non-toxic and it doesn’t release any particular odour or taste that could mix with food items you wrap in it.
  • It is ductile. It can undergo significant stress being hammered thin or stretched into wire, but it doesn’t become brittle during and after the process.
  • It reflects light and heat. Because it is lightweight and it’s outstanding in reflecting heat and visible light, it’s a great material that can be used in making reflectors and rescue blankets.

It is a hundred percent recyclable. Using aluminium is sustainable since this material is highly recyclable. Also, in general, it undergoes a recycling process that only takes five percent of the energy needed in its initial production.

Industry Uses for Aluminum Foil Tape

When you have a strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, weather-proof and corrosion-resistant material that’s aluminium foil, combined with the adhesive properties of a tape, you know for sure that you got a valuable material that’s potentially useful in a wide range of circumstances and industries. So, what are the common industry uses for aluminium foil tape?

  1. Packing

Historically, aluminium was used for packing during the second world war because of its excellent ability to seal and secure its contents. Nowadays, aluminium foil tape is still an excellent choice to seal packages. It can serve as protection against moisture, heat, and vermin. So, if you’re moving or sending packages, you can try using aluminium foil tape from Advance Tapes to make sure your boxes are intact and their contents are secured.

  1. HVAC Systems

Because it is weather-resistant which means it can be placed under extreme temperatures and weather conditions such as sub-zero temperatures or high humidity conditions, aluminium foil tape is the best option when choosing a tape for sealing ducts in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Duct tapes would a good quick fix, but if you want a long-lasting solution, using an aluminium foil tape is the way to go.

  1. Electrical

Foil tape is an ideal material for wrapping insulation and electrical cables because of its outstanding ability to protect a temperature-sensitive material.

  1. Aerospace

Aluminium foil tapes can be effectively used to protect windows, wheels, seams, or anything on an aircraft during paint stripping. Learn more about its significance in the aircraft and aerospace world right here.

  1. Construction

In the construction industry, aluminium foil tapes are used for mineral thermal wood insulation and reinforced fibreglass. It is also ideal for repairing roofs and metal gutters.

  1. Marine Industry

A material highly resistant to moisture, aluminium foil tapes are ideal to use in sealing holes in boats or for anything where water-resistant features are needed. Because of its outstanding water-resistant property, one Science publication even says that a cargo-carrying boat can be built out of aluminium foil.

Clearly, we are thankful for the versatility and wide range of benefits of aluminium products including foil tapes in our day-to-day living. Through this metal, the things we use such as transportation vehicles are highly durable and sustainable.