The Art of the Site Inspection

  • Building Design Expert
  • 10 years ago

Professional site inspection carries no rules

Let me first qualify this by stating that builders are not the only one’s who make gaffs. We all make mistakes, but hopefully we learn from them so that we don’t make them again. So I look back at my mistakes and can confidently say I have only made them once; well mostly. I’m not perfect either.

I do not start out to set builders apart from the rest of society, only in the manner that they are the only ones who do what they do. Some do it well and make few mistakes. Some do it badly and have been making the same mistakes for years, simply because nobody has spotted them, and I think for the most part they haven’t realised either. The biggest problem being that half the time they are blissfully unaware that they are doing anything wrong.

Now you might say who the hell are you to criticise a brickie or joiner who has trained to do what he (or she) does for a number of years, and then practiced the art on job after job, until, in their own, or someone’s view they have got it just right? – Good question, Let me try and answer:

The tradesmen, who we cannot do without, have learned the art of the physical. They carry out the work skilfully cutting timber, laying bricks or stone, applying plaster etc. etc…… They use a practical knowledge base that most of us will never know anything about.

The professional, on the other hand, does nothing more than learn the theory; “the science of building“, behind why the brickie, or joiner, or roofer or any tradesman, is doing what he is doing. The theory though, is never enough. The professional has to get involved with the practical, and understand it’s limits. For an inexperienced professional these first few forays into the tradesman’s world on site can be potentially explosive. Like putting matter and anti-matter in the same room. How those initial interactions are handled can colour any professional’s career up to retirement.

When the Building Design Expert goes to site he quite rightly goes with an expectation of seeing his drawn design manifested before his very eyes. Well bit by bit anyway.

Take a look at the following ‘pencast’ for a bit more of an insight into some hints and tips you might need to be aware of during a site inspection:

Here we make reference to cavity walls, with just a few pointers to try and keep things on the straight and narrow.

The following is a ‘Pencast’, so please ensure your speakers are on and turned up. – Click on the ‘Play’ button to start.

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