Suspended Timber Ground Floors – Design tip

  • Building Design Expert
  • 8 years ago

It’s the usual story; speak to ten different experienced building design professionals asking for a technical resolution, and you will get at least the same number of responses. The particular issue associated with supporting an extended timber suspended ground floor should be an easy one on the face of it, but a large majority of less experienced building design professionals, architects and technologists both, either ignore or miss the fact that often the different section timber joists required for the extended floor will not coincide with the DPC bed course that the existing joists often bear onto. That is of course assuming that the extended floor level remains consistent with the existing.

The following pencast describes a relatively straight forward resolution to this problem, that not only caters for differing joists sizes, but also takes into account the need to maintain under-floor void ventilation to both new and existing floors.

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