Should You Call In the Roof Repair People?

  • Guest Blog
  • 2 years ago

Various home improvement projects, especially those that teether over into the world of DIY, have been all the rage on the internet lately. Modern kitchen solutions, upcycling old furniture, creative gardening alternatives for an urban environment – you name it, and Pinterest will most likely have it.  However, there is one crucial element of the home that all of these picture-perfect projects ignore as if per some agreement: the roof.


Neglecting your roof and allowing its condition to deteriorate results in a whole host of other problems: the damage tends to spread along, more energy will be wasted (meaning that your heat and electricity bills will skyrocket), and the longer you put it off, the higher the cost of fixing it will become. To avoid that unfortunate scenario, check out this web page for information on how to recognize a damaged roof, and here are a few cues to look out for which will tell you when it is time to call in the repair force.

Starting from scratch? Mind your choice of material!

Sometimes none of the houses on the market will be quite “right for you”, and you might decide to build your very own. This will obviously require all sorts of heavy investments, and you will have to make some critical choices as well. One of those will be the choice of a suitable material for your new roof. Even if you are not building a house from scratch, you will likely need to replace the roof on your home at least once.

Therefore, educating yourself on roofing materials can go a long way. For example, asphalt shingles are used most widely and tend to last around 20 years in any kind of weather conditions. They even come in an impact resistant variant for people living in hail prone areas. On the other hand, a roof made of wooden shingles and shakes would typically last for between 30 and 50 years, although it is less durable in adverse weather.

Stay on top of your maintenance.

Clambering over a rooftop and scraping off the moss hardly sounds appealing, right? Thankfully, you can leave that kind of thing to the pros, which we will talk about in just a little bit.

However, you yourself should take up the maintenance of the key areas around the roof itself, such as the ventilation system, its exhausts, the pipes around the roof and any exposed metal surfaces as well. You should do a repainting job to prevent any buildup of rust, and also remove the dust, cobwebs, and everything caught in between their layers at least once a year. Another important thing to keep in mind are the fallen leaves and other such debris that tends to gather in the gutters. You do not want them flooding when the spring and fall rains come around, so make sure they are properly unclogged.

If you would still like to try your own hand at cleaning the proverbial hat of the home, you should consider looking for some tutorials on how to clean a tile roof, or related, depending on the type of roof you may be dealing with.


Know when to call the professionals.

Regardless of how well you take care of your roof, there will come a moment sooner or later when you will need the help of expert hands, like the ones that you would find over at What exactly are the signs that can help you identify the right time to call in the roof repair people? Luckily, these signs are actually fairly easy to keep track of. The key to it is keeping your eyes peeled and pointed upwards.
Several times over the course of the year, you should fetch a good sturdy ladder and do a visual check-up of your roof. If the shingles are buckled or curled, if you notice streaking stains on them, if your flashings are rusted over, or if there are areas of your roof missing granules, call the pros. More tell-tale problem signs are moss or mould on the roof, moisture stains in the attic, leaks after extreme weather, and unusually high energy bills.