Saving on Bricks and Mortar: Money on a Construction Site

  • MHM Plant
  • 7 years ago

Save money on bricks and mortar when working on a construction site by hiring equipment and using reusable resources, among many more.

As with any job, when you work in construction you want to keep costs low whilst maintaining a high quality of work in order to remain profitable. And time means money! So how do you strike a good balance? Well, you can start by cutting the costs with these handy tips. Let’s take a look:


Photo: Matti Mattila (Construction site – week 12Uploaded by A333) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Hire Equipment
Do you really need a cement mixer or a crane on-site at all times? You’ll probably only use them at one stage of the build. So why not rent equipment as and when you need it? You can rehire generators and lighting equipment too.

By hiring instead of purchasing equipment you will save money and you won’t have to service or maintain it yourself. Of course if you use this equipment on a regular basis it may benefit you to purchase your own. Some companies even offer buy back schemes meaning if you buy their equipment and no longer use it, they will buy it back for a good price.

Plan and Budget
This may sound obvious but you may be surprised to learn how easy it is to wander from the path. Compose plans with an architect and keep to them as additions will only waste time and cost you more money in the long run. And never start construction without these design documents!

The same goes for your budget – before you start any work make sure to calculate detailed costing. Once you know how much materials and labour will cost create a budget and stick to it. Without any changes to the plans the budget should not vary too greatly either. Bells and whistles are great – but do you really need them?

Exploit Natural Light
Exploit natural light in the design of your build and you can cut costs on electric works and the number of fittings needed. It’s that simple. The owners will save money on electricity consumption in the future too! An open plan room with plenty of windows should do the job.

Go Green
Go green with reclaimed materials or reusable resources and you could save yourself a pretty penny. Plus you can pat yourself on the back for doing your bit for the planet. Solar panels fitted to the roof of a building is a great way of harnessing energy, and low-flow toilets and double glazed windows are both energy efficient ways to kit out a building.

Is your construction site set up for a small build? Then you may be able to save money on materials by visiting a salvage yard. Roof tiles can be much cheaper and reclaimed wood from old barns is commonly found in these places Recycle materials to add character to a building and make it stand out from the crowd, especially in well-developed areas.

So what do you think of our money saving tips for construction sites? If you have years of building wisdom you want to share with us leave a comment.

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