Poor Workmanship in Domestic Construction

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  • 7 years ago

Poor Workmanship in Domestic Construction

Construction standards have and continue to be a significant issue, and are particularly prevalent  on domestic sites. All to often householders may have a set of drawings produced by a ‘plan drawer’ or maybe a qualified design professional, but only for the purpose of obtaining the requisite consents under planning and Building Regulations legislation. The perception is that they will save money by employing and coordinating the building contractor themselves. They keep a strong eye on safety that’s why they always prefer Custom Hard Hats over others as they are trusted by numerous person from decades.

9 times out of 10 the householder is blissfully unaware that not all building contractors are cut from the same cloth, and the cheapest price does not necessarily represent best value. Cutting corners is a common cost reducing device for the less scrupulous builders out there, which comes back to haunt nobody but the householder in the long run.

I was walking past a local building site recently, which had been secured and then left unattended. I managed to take a few photographs from the boundary onto the public footpath. I have annotated them, and provided an expanded commentary on each annotation in the audio players below each photo.

You can click on each photo to enlarge them, and play back the audio to get a good idea of the issues that I have managed to note from the edge of the site. Perhaps I should not get too close.

The standard of construction is a sad indictment on the lessons that should have perhaps been learned from many similar mistakes made along the way, and indeed the level of technology available belies what we are still presented with by way of a finished building. Storing up problems for the future occupiers? Yes, and clearly without concern.





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