Planning a New Home? Add That Extra Touch with Ethereal Gardenscapes

  • Guest Blog
  • 3 years ago

When planning a new home, probably the last thing on your mind is the lawn and garden. You found a builder who will let you pick and choose design features in the home, but when it comes to the lawn, most builders plant grass and add a few small shrubs near the home more for utility than anything else. Shrubs around the house do tend to help insulate during hot or cold seasons.


Also, green grass is a must if you don’t want to carry mud throughout your home once you occupy it. Even so, what would happen if you spoke with a landscaping company like KG Landscape in Minneapolis to design a spectacular gardenscape that will give your home that extra element of ethereal beauty? Not in the Minneapolis area? You can still visit their site to get ideas for planning the perfect lawn and garden with elements of beauty you may not have considered.

Why Gardenscapes and What Are They?

Here is the $64,000 question (in today’s economy, the million-dollar question) that many homeowners are asking. What exactly is a gardenscape and how do they add beauty to a landscaping project. The answer to that is both simple and complex. There are two very different types of gardenscapes trending in the 21stcentury and those would be softscapes and hardscapes.

As the names would imply, a softscape is simply a garden designed right into Mother Earth while a hardscape is set on some type of outdoor ‘flooring’ such as wood, rocks, stone slabs or even strategically designed stepping stones. In other words, a hardscape has a hard floor. Both can add classic ethereal beauty to any landscaping project, but for the ultimate effect, it’s important to also focus on function.

Why Is Function Such an Important Element of Gardenscapes?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what is the ultimate function of your gardenscape? Are you looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing, or do you want to use it for something? For example, sometimes hardscapes include a flowing water fountain that provides a space to escape to for a bit of serenity you can’t find anywhere else.

Perhaps it’s main function is to give you a place to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature for a bit of peaceful reflection. Evengardenscapesthat are just designed to be a visual focal point serve a function, which is to provide a design element that would be lacking without it. Doesn’t beauty serve a purpose?

The Finishing Touches of Curb Appeal

While you may be building a new home to be inhabited by the family, you may one day hope to sell it for a profit, or perhaps you are a new real estate investor looking to start small with just a single home or two. In either case, curb appeal is what gets prospective buyers inside to see the house. If they don’t like what they see outside, chances are slim they will want to see anything at all indoors. You may even be looking at curb appeal as adding that lovely, warm feeling you get when returning home from the stress of a busy day at work.

No matter how you look at it, there is nothing quite as warm and inviting as a home with that extra touch of beauty – e.g. home with a well-planned gardenscape. Don’t settle for green grass and a few shade trees when you can have so much more.