Office Spaces for New Companies

  • Guest Blog
  • 6 years ago

If you are a new company, setting up your first business premises can be daunting. For most small firms, signing a lease for office or factory space is a big step.

Leasing premises is not cheap. Naturally, many new business owners avoid this expense for as long as possible.

This is understandable but you can only run your business out of your garage for so long. Once you start to grow and go after bigger contracts, your customers expect you to be based in a business district not your yard. When you invite them to sales meetings and presentations, they expect to be taken to a proper office, not your garage.
At some point, not having proper offices will damage your reputation and lead to a lack of confidence amongst potential clients. Not having proper premises is definitely something that can slow down the rate at which you grow your business.
People are far more likely to place a large order with a firm that looks like it is well established and staffed by experienced people than they are to place an order with one that appears to be just a start up working out of a garage. As you can see, setting up proper business premises is not something that you can avoid forever, but it is not something that you should rush into.

Keeping the costs down

If you have already been in business for a couple of years, you know that you have a viable model, one that regularly makes you enough money to cover the cost of running an office. In that situation, signing a long-term lease for serviced offices in Bracknell is normally OK, but if you are only just starting out you need to be more cautious. You do not really know if your business model is going to be viable, so it would be unwise to make a long-term financial commitment.

For firms in that situation it makes sense to take a more cautious approach. Look at the idea of sharing office space with another start up or consider going down the virtual office track. Neither of these are ideal solutions, but they can work if you are careful about how you set up the deal and the price is right.

Ask for a starter deal

Most of the firms that lease out offices are aware that the needs of firms who are just starting out are different from those of established companies. They therefore will often tailor the lease to meet the needs of your company.
Larger office leasing firms know that a small firm can potentially grow quickly and need more space. It is therefore in their interests for your firm to be a success. They want to help new firms because they know that when they do it is highly likely that you will turn into long-term customers and turn to them first when you need more space. As a result, if you do not see short-term leases advertised it is always a good idea to ask and see if you can do a deal.