Mistaken sub-floor ventilation

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  • 9 years ago

What can I find to say about something as simple and straight forward as ventilating an under-floor void. As always with building design and construction, there are some rules. Usually simple, but rules none the less that either make it work as it should, not so well, or, more times than you might hope – not at all.

You may come across these situation occasionally and think tut tut, or raise your eyes to the sky in disbelief. There again some such things just tend to go unnoticed. They quietly exist not able to do the job they were really put there to do.

So whilst carrying out a survey for a new project I noted the air bricks, ventilating the suspended timber sub-floor, had been installed just below finished floor level. More recently I was on an internet forum site where the very topic of air brick position was under discussion – I know, I lead the most interesting of lives! It seemed that the forum participants could not make up their minds where an air brick was best placed – “Above the DPC” or “Below the DPC”?

Turn on your sound and have a listen to the pros and cons, and a little bit more about my building survey in the pencast below :

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