If only ALL Planning Committee Meetings were like this!!

  • Building Design Expert
  • 8 years ago

Anyone whose ever attended a planning sub-committee meeting will recognise that this is as far from typical as it gets.

The Steve Jobs road show pulled up at city hall Cupertino and in walked one of the greatest communicators on the planet. If you have ever seen a Jobs keynote speech you will understand why this guy holds audiences in the palm of his hand. If you haven’t check out Steve Jobs presentation style to learn a little of just how he does it.

This was no more a regular planning committee meeting than I write all blogs whilst floating in a bath of baked beans down the Thames. So rid that nightmare thought from your head and enter another dream world that was the Cupertino City Council meeting 7 June 2011.

Did you notice the almost sycophantic display from the councillors. It was almost as though Mr Jobs only had to turn up to get his scheme passed. In fact they were more interested in the idea that they actually had him present the scheme. – Can you imagine any planning consent being conditional on the scheme being presented to committee by Steve Jobs? If he wasn’t one of the world’s richest men already, he could have a very ‘neat’ side income in presenting planning applications for Tescos.

Ahhhh, if only all planning committee meetings were like this!!

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