How to Make a Construction Site More Comfortable

  • Guest Blog
  • 2 years ago

Construction sites are classically seen as being abnormally uncomfortable places where strong men work in the gruelling hot sun for hours on end until their feet blister in their also abnormally uncomfortable (and heavy) boots. In other words, nobody thinks of a construction site and says to themselves, “hey, now that seems like a comfortable place where I’d like to relax.”


There are loud noises and people all around, potential hazards to be aware of everywhere, and there never seems to be couch or lounge on-site when you need one. Construction isn’t supposed to be an easy job, but there’s no reason to have your workers feeling down and out. With that said, here are several ways you can have your team excited to come to work every day with a more comfortable construction site:

Get a Luxury Restroom Trailer

While many construction site managers will simply opt for the most cost-effective porta potty they can find, that’s not going to be a very comfortable bathroom for employees to freshen up in while they’re on break. Why not give them the best porta potty option on the market (or even better, a luxury restroom trailer) instead? After all, doesn’t everyone deserve the decency of a real bathroom?

Add a Non-Alcoholic Bar or Giant Cooler

Keeping drinks available is extremely important for helping workers perform optimally, as dehydration can lead to poor decision-making, fatigue, and an increased risk of heat stroke or injury. If you leave it up to your employees, many of them will probably be at least under-hydrated throughout the day. Give them a great source of drinks to avoid that problem.

Install Some Shaded Areas

Shade can feel like paradise on a hot day. If you give your worker breaks like every other reasonable and legitimate employer on the planet, why not give them a real break from the sun? If you want to be cheap, you could even fashion a DIY shaded area out of a tarp and a few poles.

Add Some Fans and Misters

While you’re at it, now that you have a shaded break area with drinks on standby, why not set up a few fans and misters to give your workers a light spray and effective cooling action. People tend to think better when they’re not slowly cooking in the sun, so you’re going to have a more rational and intelligent workforce as a result. Plus, it’s just the humane thing to do. If you were working on-site, wouldn’t you want a shaded place to sit in front of a fan and be misted while enjoying complimentary drinks?

Comfortable Employees are More Productive

You might be wondering why you’d take so much time and effort to make your construction site a place of comfort when it’s supposed to be a place of work. Well, numerous studies have proven that comfortable workers are more productive and creative. Plus, discomfort can lead to lower morale, which can contribute to poor employee attendance rates, corporate complaints, and other forms of worker dissatisfaction that can hinder productivity.