How to clean an air duct

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  • 5 years ago

Steps of cleaning air ducts

Air conditioning contractors can thoroughly clean residential or commercial ductwork in about nine steps. To complete this process, technicians need thorough training, powerful vacuum equipment and various tools:

  1. The first step is to connect a vacuum truck hose to the HVAC system’s supply line. This ensures all particulate matter is collected in the truck instead of being released into outdoor or indoor air.
  1. Subsequently, the contractor cleans registers by hand. This involves removing each stack head and vent cover. A sanitizing cleaner ought to be used. Such products should be approved by the federal government.
  1. The next step is to clean supply vents with compressed air. To make sure all pollutants are removed from the duct system, the pressure level should reach 200 psi.
  1. As the vacuum equipment continues to work, a scrubber should be used to loosen remaining debris. It can be inserted into air conditioning ducts via the trunk lines.
  1. Most of the above-mentioned steps must be repeated to cleanse the HVAC equipment’s cold air return ductwork. Vacuuming and scrubbing eliminates any built-up contaminants in this portion of the system.
  1. The next part of the process is to clean supply and trunk lines. This step involves plugging each access point with an airtight cap. Plenums should be cleaned as well.
  1. Duct-cleaning contractors also thoroughly cleanse HVAC blowers with vacuums and brushes. The removal of debris from this equipment helps to prevent overheating and minimize the system’s energy consumption.
  1. The last cleaning step involves spraying ducts with a sanitizer. This kills bacteria and eliminates fungi. To protect residents’ health, technicians should only use safe, federally approved products.
  1. After all components have been cleaned, it is time to patch any new holes in the ductwork that had to be created during the cleaning process. A metal access panel ought to be installed over each hole using screws and silicone.


When step nine is finished, this job is done and the ductwork is entirely clean. If you are looking for dependable HVAC professionals, you can always find great local options like Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning.