Gable Walls and Cold Bridges

  • Building Design Expert
  • 9 years ago

I was recently asked by a house builder for some guidance / assistance. He had come in for some criticism over detailing; specifically with regard to construction cold bridging. It brought to mind a recent blog post I had published which discussed a few of the pitfalls associated with contractors carrying out the ‘Build and Design’ process. It touched on the subject of qualifications to design in the built environment. But lets not get wrapped up in pieces of paper (qualifications). For me those qualifications merely provide the foundation on which is built the understanding of the process of how to execute a design. I will always leave the ‘build’ to those far more skilled, but ask in return that contractors afford the building designers of this world a similar courtesy – But there will always be one, and I found him. Or did he find me?

The two weakest links to the external insulation envelope of course lie at the floor / wall junctions, and the eaves junction. The latter is relatively easily overcome, but because of the usually restricted working space, it’s an unfortunate fact that workmanship issues concerning the physical link of wall and roof insulations too often let the side down. This is a cold bridge that really need not be there.

Short of stating the obvious, I also drew attention to the detail that is so often over-looked. I suspect because it’s viewed in the same way as the floor / wall junction as unresolvable. Building can sometimes present problems, which with a little thought can be relatively easily overcome. They can be tricky, but it’s not brain surgery.

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