Four tips for homeowners in adjusting their claim

  • Guest Blog
  • 2 years ago

Churchill Public Adjusters in Miami, FL have been receiving calls from many clients regarding damage to their homes. Here are four tips to help you recover the maximum compensation for damages done to your home.

Taking photos is the best way to start. The most important part of any home insurance claim is having the damage documented to the best of your ability. Having just a couple photos of the most apparent loss is just not enough. When in all honesty, you will need hundreds of photographs to have more detailed documentation for your claim with your insurance company.

A licensed Public Adjuster should recommend a tarp to prevent and protect further damage to your property. If a tree service company cannot get to said property for several days, the tarp may be needed before the damage is removed and even after it is cleared.

The costs should, in theory, be reimbursed by your homeowner’s insurance policy in the emergency repairs section. This is to prevent further damage to your home.

If the damage sustained to your home is substantial, licensed Public Adjusters would most likely recommend for you to speak with your insurance company about an alternative living situation. It may not be necessary for all situations, but if there has been damage to electrical, plumbing and so on, it may be in your best interest.

Your homeowner’s insurance should have the coverage for these type of scenarios, granted that the condition of your home meets the requirements.

Licensed Public Adjusters are to assist policyholder’s in the any complicated task of filing insurance claims. The expertise of Public Adjusters allows them to access all aspects of your insurance policy and document all damage sustained to your home by negotiating the best possible settlement.

Document all type of communication even if it is a phone call, letter, text message, email, and so on, with your insurance company, insurance adjuster, contractor, etc.  A licensed Public Adjuster will most likely tell you to create a folder with all this information. You should have both hard copy and any items on your computer.