Energy saving on the next level

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  • 6 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Energy saving on the next level



You don’t have to be a highly qualified construction professional to get on in the world of construction. Cathy Debenham is a journalist; nothing wrong with that – But she is one with a mission. Having moved into a new house, and clutching her clean sweeping broom, it was time and a good opportunity to grab some of the energy/carbon saving initiatives on offer. At the time there was little or no information available, and as a consequence this particular field was strewn with mines just waiting for her next wrong step.

After many careful steps she reached the other side of that field much the wiser and with a need to share her route and all the things she had learned on the way. The YouGen website was born and that is where we start this week’s podcast interview

This podcast is approximately 40 minutes long

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