Common Preventive Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Overlook

  • Guest Blog
  • 4 years ago

Your home is an investment and chances are you’re already taking preventive measures to make sure it lasts for many years. But sometimes the most common preventive measures are easily overlooked by the average homeowner.

Make sure you’re not missing any of these preventive maintenance tasks on your home maintenance to-do list.

Clean the Gutters

It may become apparent your gutters need to be cleaned when they overflow or fall off due to weight, but that’s exactly what you want to avoid! Take time to clean out your gutters at least twice a year at the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall.

As you’re cleaning, look for weak spots or damage to your gutters and make repairs right away. This makes sure you’ll always have clean, functioning gutters.

Seal Mystery Breezes

Have you ever felt a mystery breeze that’s not coming from your vents? Floor breezes may be due to air sneaking in from the foundation or cracks in the seals of windows or doors.

Draughty attics can make problems worse as warm air escapes through the roof while pulling colder air in through lower cracks. Seal all cracks where mystery breezes blow inside to save on your energy bills.

Fix Noises in the Walls

Termites can be visible by mud tubes in the ground or when they swarm around pinholes in the walls or floor. But did you know you could detect a termite problem by sound? Simply tap on a wall and press your ear against it. If you hear a light rustling sound, you may have termites.

If you hear scratching or squeaking sounds, rodents may have found a way into your walls and are making their home inside. For either issue, make sure you call pest control immediately to deal with the problem.

Don’t Allow Exterior Paint to Peel

Exterior paint is more than likely peeling for a reason. Moisture can get underneath the paint from a leaking gutter or steamy bathroom on the other side of the wall.

Fix a moisture problem right away then scrape off loose paint, prime the bare spots, and repaint the exterior wall. This repair may cost you a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. But if you delay, patching and repainting the whole house could cost upwards of $10,000.

Sweep the Chimney

Do you know the last time your chimney was cleaned? Flammable creosote and tar can build up in your chimney putting your home at risk for a house fire.

Chimney cleaners can clean your chimney and inspect your masonry and flue for damage. A damaged flue could allow loose embers to reach flammable materials in your walls and start a fire. Before you build a fire each winter, make sure your chimney is cleaned and inspected.

Check and Clean Your Sump Pump

Not every home has one of these, but if you have a basement you may have a sump pump. Made to keep water away from the basement and foundation of your house, if this becomes clogged with mud or debris you’re going to have problems. You’ll end up with a flooded basement and water damage repair is not a cheap problem to solve.

Always check the power source for the pump and inspect the cord to ensure it is without wear and tear. Check to see the pump is level then fill the basin with water, this will make sure the pump is working as it should. Next, remove the pump from its basin and clear out any debris collecting underneath in the grate. The last thing you must do is check the drainage pipe—see that all connections are tight and there are no leaks and ensure the drainage points away from your house.

If you’re guilty of overlooking these preventive maintenance tasks, add them to your to-do list today. Preventive measures will save you money and keep your house in great condition for years to come