Buy a Shipping Container and Make it a Home: 3 Easy Interior Design Tips

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  • 2 years ago

Many of us are looking for alternative residential building materials that are sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly, yet, as withstanding as the conventional ones. Architects and home builders have recently discovered that plain-looking shipping containers can be transformed into decent homes and even stunning, luxurious residential spaces!

Originally, container homes have been designed for low-income families who need a suitable and more affordable home. But these days, container homes can either be a tiny, humble abode or hotel-like vacation structure. If you’re thinking about joining the trend, how can you make your home feel like a home rather than a metal box?

We’ve summed up some general and easy interior design principles you can apply in your container home.

1. Decide on a central theme that speaks your personality.

The most important thing you need to decide on before you makeover your container home’s interior is the central theme in which you’d base all your décor and styling details. Ask yourself: What’s my personality? What are the things I believe in? What are the principles I live for? If my home will speak to strangers and introduce me as the homeowner to them, what would it say about me?

These are just some of the questions that can help you determine how you should style your home. Your personal taste, attitude, beliefs, principles, and advocacies could be clearly conveyed to guests as they step inside. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful short and subtle introduction about yourself to anyone? And wouldn’t it be nice listening to close friends as they comment: “Hey, this house is so you. It speaks exactly about you.”

YouTube has a handful of useful vlogs created by professional interior designers and interior designers at heart that can give you awesome ideas on what central theme you can choose for your personality. Would you like it edgy? Go for a Vintage Industrial theme. Are you a beach girl or a traveller who’s constantly out in the sun? Why not try a Boho-chic design? Perhaps, you’re a quiet, ultra-organized introvert who wants to keep things clean, neat, and orderly. A Tropical Scandinavian home would be perfect for you.

The easiest way to decide is to always ask yourself what this kind of theme subtly tells people about you.

2. Keep it light, fresh, and airy.

Many homeowners who have decided to build their home out of shipping containers did so because of their many advantages such as sustainability and eco-friendliness. Building eco-friendly and sustainable homes is a great measure in reducing your carbon footprint, thus, you’re able to contribute in taking care of the environment. Check out sites like to find information on where you can get used shipping containers for your residential project.

But building a green home doesn’t stop right there when you’re done repurposing used shipping containers. You can still do many measures to make your home as eco-friendly as possible. Installing large windows, letting lots of natural light and fresh air in, planting trees and other lush greens outside and placing indoor plants as well, are just some examples. And hey, whatever interior design theme you’ve chosen, you can always incorporate indoor plants as they are very versatile home styling details.


3. Add in colour, texture, and art pieces that make it feel like home.

To those who are a bit sceptic whether a shipping container would make a home that feels like home, think again after spending a few seconds looking up shipping container homes on Pinterest. Or, take a look at the photos in this article:

You’ll get stunned at how lovely these homes are, from inside-out, you can’t even recognize some of these homes as something built out of shipping containers.

There are always countless creative ways on how to avoid living like you’re inside a metal box. Living in a metal box is a totally uncool idea. So, go ahead, work on your accent wall. Add some accent furniture. Why not install that sophisticated chandelier? Throw in that cosy sheepskin on your coach. Display your stunning photography on the wall. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, texture, and art pieces as long as they match and don’t mess up with your interior design theme.

Have you built a lovely container home? Why not share your story with us? We’d love to hear from you.