What Kind of Flushing System is Best for Your Home?

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  • 6 years ago

Flushing systems are designed to forcibly discharge all the debris that has accumulated within a home heating system. The best flushing system for your home will depend on the benefits you expect to gain from it and the amount of cleaning power needed to purge debris from the pipes and other parts of your heating system.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Even a completely new heating system will benefit from a power flush. Flushing will remove any excess oil or grease that has been left after being used to prevent metal components from rusting. It will also get rid of any debris that has collected inside the pipes, debris that may have formed after applying adhesive materials or from metallic filings and shavings that have fallen inside.

When an old heating system is not performing as well as it should, a good power flush will remove any corrosion or deposits of sludge that are affecting the water flow or causing it to become noisy when the heating is on.

Flushing is recommended before installing a new boiler so that water flow will increase and the new boiler will perform more efficiently.

Modern boilers are more likely to be affected by problems caused by accumulated debris, because most modern boilers are designed to be less polluting and more fuel-efficient. Also because they come in more compact units they are more susceptible to issues with debris.

How Power Flushing Works

The basic method of power flushing is to use a pump that sends a high velocity of water through the system at low pressure, so no damage will be done to any of the working parts.

The water runs fast enough to mobilise any deposits or detritus that have collected around circulator pump couplings, radiators and/or inside water pipes. All debris, rust, sludge and contaminated water is flushed out of the system until only clean water remains.

Individual radiators can be flushed without moving or disconnecting them from the system and at the end of the process; the heating system will be completely clean and functional within a few minutes.

The Best Flushing System for Your Home

When more powerful cleaning is required, chemical cleaning fluids and mobilising agents can be added to the water that is being pumped through your system during a power flush. Look for this option when you require extra cleaning power for your home heating equipment.

A flushing pump can also be supplied with different types of hoses and valves that can isolate different parts of the system. A pump may also come with adapters that will improve the connection of the pump with your system. The most effective pump is one that is adapted to work best with your home heating equipment.

You may choose what is right for your home by diagnosing what is wrong with your boiler, radiators or water heating system. Requirements will differ when you are having a new system installed and when you are installing a new boiler. A thorough cleaning of an old system might require much more cleaning power.