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BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Specified-By
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First published Monday 25 February 2013

In keeping with the Building Design Expert ethos of bringing useful, interesting and hopefully entertaining information and comment to one single web site. The first podcast showcases a graduate Architectural Technologist from Edinburgh Napier University – Darren Lester.

Darren has developed a number of successful resource sites for building design professionals, and has now founded ‘Specified-By’ – taking construction specification to a new dimension.

Scheduled for a private launch in February, SpecifiedBy will connect specifiers with building product manufacturers, providing quick, painless access to structured and detailed product information.

With an emphasis on organisation and collaboration, SpecifiedBy aims to provide specifiers with tools to search, share and download a variety of product information, including; BIM and CAD models, technical drawings, tech/spec sheets, case studies and more.

In addition to this, they will address collaboration among specifiers, real-time support from manufacturers and impartial product ratings and reviews.

If you would like to be part of the private launch, and help shape the development of the platform, sign up for an invite here

This podcast is approximately 32 mins long.

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