BDE Podcast – LABC pt.2

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  • 8 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – LABC pt.2

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So LABC, and particularly our interviewee Doug Basen, are the first to admit that the ‘dark days’ pre 1984 were not not the best at promoting their organisation as providing a service of which they were proud. But fortunately for us all, things have a habit of changing.With the advent of the Approved Inspector system, they came out fighting. But this time they were fighting for their position in the market place. The second half of my chat with Doug looks to get a little more under the skin of the modern day Building Control. We look at the issues surrounding professional indemnity, training, and LABC’s efforts to work with construction design professionals, rather than against them. Some might say “now there’s a turn up”, – I couldn’t possibly comment. If you have a ‘Building Control’ experience, or story to tell – good or bad; please post it in the comments section below. Just maybe we can get Doug to respond, and perhaps answer any queries you might have too.

This podcast is approximately 32 minutes long

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