BDE Podcast – LABC 1

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  • 8 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – LABC 1

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Your time in the construction industry will determine what iteration of Building Control you may have encountered. Prior to the 1984 Building Act there was the largely adversarial system, where Building Control often went out of their way to make life difficult for all involved. We look back upon those times as the ‘dark days’. The advent of the ‘Approved Inspector’, post 1984 proved somewhat of a wake-up call for local authority building control and ‘catch-up’ became the dominant game.

Perhaps a little breathless still, on occasions, LABC have at least found the same dining room now as the approved inspectors; albeit that some industry professionals who remember the dark days consummately refuse to sit at their table. But that’s their loss, because on the menu now is pre-application help and advice, and wait for it – yes, ‘customer service’. In this week’s podcast Doug Basen, a former ‘building inspector’ and senior building control officer, puts LABC’s best foot forward and steps up to the mark.

This podcast is approximately 27 minutes long

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