BDE Podcast – In conversation with Peter Caplehorn

  • Building Design Expert
  • 6 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – In Conversation with Peter Caplehorn



It is very common for professionals and tradespersons alike, to underline their careers with a reference to how long that career has lasted, and how long they have been doing what they do. I have have been an Architectural Technologist for 30 yrs. for example, and involved in the construction industry for over 36 yrs. But how valuable a piece of information is that? We all like to think that the more years we have been doing what we do will add value to our credibility.

My experience is that for most that’s true, but not for all. I started off by asking Peter Caplehorn that question. If you click on the player below, or download this episode you can hear his answer, along with a very interesting hour or so that covers a good part of his career, and how he has managed to achieve what he has so far; because I don’t think he has finished yet.

This podcast is approximately 70 minutes long

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