BDE Podcast – Construction Social Media with Su Butcher

  • Building Design Expert
  • 7 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Construction Social Media with Su Butcher



Some would argue, and others may reluctantly concede that social media, to one extent or another has taken over our lives. That is, if we have let it. But would you like more control? Would you like it to work for you rather than just seem to control you?

Su Butcher is widely regarded as a leading expert in social media; and we are not simply limiting this to Linked-In and Twitter, although these are undoubtedly areas where she excels.

Su trained as an architect, but then couldn’t find a job. She tells us her story in this podcast, and what has led her to be able to earn her living from advising others how to gain their best advantage from choosing the social media platform that suits them and putting it to work in their business marketing. A common sense approach to tweeting and linking and the rest

This podcast is approximately 51 minutes long

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