BDE Podcast – Concrete Eating Robot pt.2

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  • 8 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Concrete eating Robot pt.2

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Every now and again someone, somewhere has, what on the face of it sounds like a delusional idea that they will revolutionise the world. Look up a year or so later, and this one just might have. Well at least the world in which this podcast dares to trouble – Construction, or well actually demolition. We have already learned a little of modern day demolition syntax: “deconstruct”, “erase the building” and the premise of ERO’s inherent abilities; that of “hydro-demolition”. In the concluding podcast interview with Omer¬†Haciomeroglu, we talk about how his whole concept may be taken forward; about prototyping, funding and indeed who might be able to pick up that particular gauntlet, because there are a lot of challenges still remanning, even though the interest has been huge. This podcast is approximately 18 minutes long

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ERO_Abstract 2

ERO_Abstract 1

¬† ‘EVO’ – the process


Deconstructing 'ERO' in action

Deconstructing – ‘ERO’ in action

ERO the machine


ERO’s inventor Omer Haciomeroglu

'ERO' - the technical concept

‘ERO’ – the technical concept

ERO breakdown-suction

‘ERO’ – the business end: Two high pressure water jets break down the concrete, whilst the encapsulated suction cup removes the residue for processing

ERO BOOM range