BDE Podcast – Carbon Free Concrete with David Ball

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  • 7 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Carbon Free Concrete with David Ball



A carbon free world is something that perhaps we can only aspire to in our dreams, as one way or another we are going to have CO2 generating energy sources.  It’s a little like asking a lifetime smoker to cut down to four a day – and stay there. It might happen for a while, but things happen and change, and it all starts creeping back up again.

We have tried carbon reduction; even carbon capture. Somehow you get the impression that we are just nipping and tucking here and there, with no real meaningful impact on that big, and getting bigger picture.

The production of cement is the third highest producer of CO2, behind Transport and Energy production. So just imagine what zeroing that CO2 contribution overnight would do for us, and indeed the world.

It is possible, but the arguments against are screamed loudly by all the usual suspects, including the governments of the western world. To do so would render many large organisations bankrupt, with all the associated knock on effects to employees and their families.

The David Ball Group have pioneered the development of carbon free cement, via a process that uses a by-product of the huge energy used in the production of steel. The argument is that the energy used in the production of a material that is so fundamental to mankind, is, in effect used twice, with the second time being for free.

We talk to David Ball, the group founder, for his in depth explanation of how his product ‘Cemfree’ works and a bit about the science behind it. Check out the podcast and see what you think. Please leave any comments, questions or observations at the bottom of the page.

This podcast is approximately 45 minutes long

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