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First published Monday 1 April 2013

Because of the way terchnology has developed with regard to insulation, and our realisation that air tightness is a major design ingredient, we can now keep more of the heat, generated by our precious energy resources, within our buildings. But that on its own is not not good enough, because with higher ambient temperatures comes higher levels of humidity, and the potential for for an unhealthy environment due to poorer air quality.

The key to air quality control is adequate ventilation. Ventilation is available to us in two guises; that of natural, or passive systems, and active mechanical systems. In this podcast I talk to Alan Gilbert of BSRIA. He provides a detailed overview of ventilation requirements, the state of the industry, some pitfalls of which most of us are blissfully unaware, and some rather alarming statistics concerning installation performance.

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This podcast is approximately 42 mins long

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