BDE Podcast – BIM 1

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  • 8 years ago

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – BIM pt.1

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Building Information Modelling, or BIM as it has become so popularly known, is not new; although the BIM acronymn has been popularised by a well known CAD software industry giant, and so has become the default reference for this hugely developing arm of the construction industry. Infact this arm now has so much muscle that the UK government have decided it must be the flag bearer for construction moving forward into the heart of this century. It will be the panacea for efficiency and cost savings that must be made for industry survival, sustrainable growth, and a sustainable outlook for our planet.

But what exactly is ‘BIM’? There are plenty of seminars and blogs that are keen to tell you what it isn’t. But few it seems, who can tell us what it is and how to do it. I talk to Keith Snook in part 1 of the final BRE podcast trilogy. Keith has been involved with the development of BIM since before the acronymn was invented, and offers a ground upward knowledgebase on the subject, that you can get something from if you are a novice just thinking about embarking down the trail, or you consider yourself an advanced ‘BIM’mer.

This podcast is approximately 33 minutes long

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