BDE Opportunities – Terms and Conditions

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The BuildingDesignExpert web site aims to provide comprehensive coverage of as many aspects of the construction industry as possible, and is therefore keen to offer partnering showcase opportunities to construction related businesses and organisations.

Below is a schedule of packages and associated costs. However, if you wish to tailor a package to suit your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in any of the packages offered, or wish to tailor your own; please contact us by email in the first instance using the ‘contact’ menu button at the bottom of the page. If you are seeking agreement / approval under any of the standard package options – once your submission is approved you will be asked to make the appropriate payment via the payment buttons below. On confirmation of payment received your submission will appear on the BDE web site within two working days.

Option 1 – Guest blog post

Blog post content must be of wide interest to construction professionals in general, and original. To this end we will require a written statement from you that the post is 100% the referenced author’s own work. If photographs are included as part of the post these must be your own images with agreed use of your copyright, or accompanied by the copyright owners written permission for use, or free of any copyright altogether. Images from a website such as “Creative Commons” must be accompanied by an appropriate link back to the author.

A single text link back to the authors website may be included within the blog copy.

Guest blog posts may be published at any time independent of the BuildingDesignExpert blog

Guest blog post – £45 insertion fee – duration on site 12 months (the insertion fee is reduced to £15 for guest posts from private individuals without link URLs)

The post may include promotional banners / images, and, or a single promotional video all at an additional cost of £20

This includes for up to two images, or one image and one video.

Blog Options

Option 2 – Single link to your web site

We will include a text link from an existing post of our choosing, on the BuildingDesignExpert web site, to your own web site

Web site link


Option 3 – Specialist Guest page

For organisations that offer specialist professional services to the construction industry. – This option requires that you provide copy and associated graphics to populate a page and provide visitors to the site with information about a specialism. This must not be in advert form, although you can put up to one link back to the advertiser’s web site within the text.

Specialist Guest page – £50/mth – min. 6 months duration

The page may include promotional banners / images, and, or a single promotional video at an additional cost of £10/mth This includes for up to two images, or one image and one video.

Page content options

Option 4 – Bi-weekly BuildingDesignExpert blog sponsorship

The BuildingDesignExpert blog is published every two weeks.

Sponsorship is available in the form of a prominent promotional banner.

Banner to be positioned at the top of the page (size 515 x 100px) with the prefix “This blog sponsored by:”

Blog sponsorship £50/insertion. Min 3 insertions

Option 5 – Bi-weekly BuildingDesignExpert Podcast sponsorship

The BuildingDesignExpert podcast is aimed to be published every two weeks and alternates with the BDE blog publication.

Sponsorship is available in the form of a prominent promotional banner, and two sponsorship announcements: one at the beginning and one approximately half way through the podcast.

Podcast sponsorship £60/insertion. Min 3 insertions

Option 6 – Banner to right hand column

Banner size – 100 x 333 px

Banner position to upper half of page -£40/mth

Banner position to lower half of page – £30/mth

Banner will appear on most pages, but cannot be guaranteed to appear on all (would not normally be included on thew home page)

Min. duration – 3 mths

Page content options

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Terms and conditions

  • Guest blog posts and pages must provide useful and relevant copy to the BuildingDesignExpert web site visitor, and must not be treated as a pure advertising opportunity.
  • Guest blogs should be between 500 and 1500 words and may include up to two promotional images/banners (blog page header size not to exceed 515 x 100px, with random position size not to exceed 250 x 250px) – If using video this may be the full width of the page (generally 515 x 290 px).
  • A guest post may include a single link back to the author’s web site.
  • Specialist guest pages shall be governed the same as for guest blogs, although word counts may be determined on merit, rather than specific limits.
  • Images and banners provided by the advertiser will be hosted by They must be submitted in the correct size as a good quality .PNG, .gif or.jpeg file
  • Video provided by the advertiser will be hosted by Video duration should not exceed 10 minutes
  • Copy, images, banners and video must be submitted for approval prior to publishing.
  • The publication of Building Design Expert podcasts and blogs is intended to be made on alternate weeks. However, occasionally due to the nature, and, or content of any blog or podcast, a blog or podcast may publish on consecutive weeks. This being the case blog or podcast sponsorship will be counted for the number of publications, and not the frequency. The same will apply should it not be possible to publish on apperceived publication date due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Cleared payment must be received prior to any blog post, advertisement etc. being made live.
  • Payment should be made via the Paypal link, or by bank transfer on the first day of each month that the advertising agreement is force. Late payment will lead to the advertisement being removed from the web page. Subsequent reinsertion within the agreement period will be charged at a flat rate of £25, in addition to the previously agreed rate.
  • A 10% discount on any of the above rates is available for multiple insertion types e.g. blog post and podcast sponsorship – when paid at the same time for either simultaneous, or consecutive publications.
  • Discounts on standard rates will be made via a ‘PayPal’ refund directly back to the payee. The refund will usually be made within 24 hrs of the original payment receipt.
  • One calendar month’s notice of renewal of agreement shall be be given. Dependent on the agreement failure to request a renewal in time may result in the agreement being terminated or superseded if other advertisers are awaiting listing.
  • Monthly agreements are to be calculated in calendar months.
  • The layout and navigation of the web site may be subject to alteration at any time. Appropriate notice will be given where possible
  • These terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time. Appropriate notice will be given where possible