Basic Equipment Every Building Contractor Needs

  • Guest Blog
  • 2 years ago

If you are thinking of starting your own construction company, the one thing you will want to do is itemize some essential pieces of equipment to see what the actual cost would be if you had to purchase everything you’d need. Sometimes it pays to buy equipment upfront, and other times that machinery is used so rarely that it is more cost-effective to rent it. In any case, when writing your business plan
for lenders or simply to license and insure your company, these would be among the most common pieces of basic equipment every building contractor needs. Therefore, work them into your plan.


First – A Few Common Sense ‘Necessities’

The reason this is being listed first is because this is one area many new contractors don’t factor into their budgets. Whether you are building homes or commercial units, it will be some time before there are amenities constructed, so you need to factor in some basic pieces of equipment such as portable trailers to be used as bathroom facilities.

These are actually not as expensive as you might think because they can dub for other amenities. Instead of a porta-potty, a bathroom trailer has running water hooked up to a holding tank and many have sinks where workers can wash their hands and even run water for a quick drink. Why not? It’s potable water after all! Your workers will love you because those porta-johns stink to high heaven and are anything but inviting at the best (or worst) of times.

Earth Movers

In the beginning, the ground needs to be prepared so you will need a line of equipment in the ‘earth mover’ category. Some of the basic types would include:

  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Bulldozers
  • Trenchers
  • Backhoes

And, of course the list goes on from there. You might want to add loaders, skid loaders and scrapers as well, but you get the idea. Which of these will you be using on literally every job and which do you think you could rent as needed to reduce your initial outlay of capital?

Equipment for Handling Materials

Luckily, the list here isn’t quite as long, although some of these pieces of equipment can be quite costly. You will most likely use cranes, forklifts conveyors and hoists. Each of these will most often be used for every job, so this is one area that you might want to budget for all of the above. If the funding isn’t available, many times these can be rented per-job as well.

Various Construction Vehicles

Then there are your construction vehicles, the most prominent being those pickup trucks you’ll need on literally every job. However, the list of construction vehicles would also include:

Each of which serves a very specific purpose and each of which may or may not be required on any given job. If you are not going to be using these much, check out the availability at your nearest construction equipment rental company.

Always seek to keep the cost as low as possible in the very beginning, so only purchase those items which will be used on all jobs. From there, start working your way down the ‘needs’ list in terms of which equipment you rent the most often. As you build your bottom line, you can begin purchasing those other items. This list is only the basics. Can you imagine why it costs so much to build a house? After looking at this list, there should be no question whatsoever!