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This web site has been designed for Construction industry professionals of every type and persuasion, in addition to the many and varied industry disciples and devotees. If you come under any of those heading you are in the right place.

If you design buildings, or significant parts of buildings professionally, then you are a Building Design Expert, and you should be able to find a wealth of information on this site that will enhance and support your professional knowledge and career.

The vision of the web site is to bring together a huge and diverse range of information on the reference subjects that most of use, along with comment and key updates on current and hot topics with which the industry is trying to react, or interact.

We do not pretend we have everything covered, no web site could, but we do hope you will bookmark the site (or even just a page on the site) as your go-to resource for your most often used topic. You can even link to our blogs and podcasts via an RSS feed

You are invited to comment, criticise and request different information forms, or simply just make contact to ask a question.