BLÅKLÄDER Workwear Product Review – Sept’15


A Building Design Expert Review of some selected workwear suitable for use by construction professionals whilst visiting construction sites. The focus is on the manufacturer's clothing fabric technology that promotes breathability, warmth and resistance to the weather providing overall comfort. This review looks at a handful of garments that may suit a building design, or construction professional either going to, or (more…)

If only ALL Planning Committee Meetings were like this!!

Anyone whose ever attended a planning sub-committee meeting will recognise that this is as far from typical as it gets. The Steve Jobs road show pulled up at city hall Cupertino and in walked one of the greatest communicators on the planet. If you have ever seen a Jobs keynote speech you will understand why... Read more »

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Tips to a Successful Build-and-Sell Real Estate Venture

Building homes for profit can be a lucrative business venture if the proper measures are taken. With adequate planning, positive professional relationships, dedication, and some business savvy buying and selling homes can be very financially rewarding. The following are some tips to a successful build-and-sell real estate venture: Have a Plan With any business undertaking,... Read more »

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How to clean an air duct

Steps of cleaning air ducts Air conditioning contractors can thoroughly clean residential or commercial ductwork in about nine steps. To complete this process, technicians need thorough training, powerful vacuum equipment and various tools: The first step is to connect a vacuum truck hose to the HVAC system’s supply line. This ensures all particulate matter is... Read more »

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New Homes get built with Renters in Mind

The UK real estate market has undergone some drastic changes in recent years. Home ownership has reached record lows, whilst almost 5 million people are now renting privately. Indeed, the economic crisis reeked significant havoc across the board; for homeowners, investors and builders alike, the market shifted and adaptions in strategy had to be made.... Read more »

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