What is BIM?

A video produced by Devenney Group Architects, with model clips courtesy of Tekla International. The video describes BIM, or Building Information Modeling, how it is being used, and a few of the many benefits of using the BIM process. For more information on BIM and how Devenney Group Architects is using the process, please visit www.devenneygroup.com

Building a Transition

“How on earth did they do that?” – “Brute force and ignorance!!” was a favourite response of my father. Less PC perhaps today than was in his, but, if you want to take a really close look, it doesn’t amount to much more. After all, whether we want to install a 50 tonne monolith at... Read more »

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Office Spaces for New Companies

If you are a new company, setting up your first business premises can be daunting. For most small firms, signing a lease for office or factory space is a big step. Leasing premises is not cheap. Naturally, many new business owners avoid this expense for as long as possible. This is understandable but you can... Read more »

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Mark Wilson on Architectural Technology

I recently underwent a digital distance interview with Philadelphia University College of Architecture and the Built Environment, the results of which they have allowed me to publish below. They gave me the opportunity to talk about my career in the construction industry, and make some important references to my passion for my profession Architectural Technology. What’s one... Read more »

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Collaboration or just Team-Work

If you check the dictionary definition of collaboration, it simply offers “the action of one party working with another to produce something”. Simple enough definition, on which basis we have been collaborating in the construction industry since time began, as very very few construction projects have been designed, processed and built by an individual. Even... Read more »

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