Three World Trade Center: clash detection case study

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The Business Green

Living under a rock is probably the only way you will have avoided the tsunami of apathy generated by the Green Deal. At the last count, after near enough nine months of operational exposure, there were 16 recorded and active Green Deal applications. It’s been said often enough, and not least by me, that the... Read more »

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Portable road surfaces

During a construction project, as any veteran manager will know, adverse ground conditions can present serious problems. The inability to physically access a site or part of a site with heavy machinery can cause an expensive bottleneck, ground pollution that may lead to environmental compensation or simple time issues. A simple and (generally) cost effective... Read more »

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Relocatable aircraft hangars: The value of rapidly deployable shelters in war-zones

Relocatable buildings are a cost effective solution for many crisis situations. With examples seen across the world in war-zones, disaster areas and refugee scenarios, sustainable buildings are now a common sight. They offer increased flexibility, less waste, less environmental impact and take less time to set up. In war-zones, relocatable aircraft hangars are providing the... Read more »

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BDE Podcast – In conversation with Peter Caplehorn

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – In Conversation with Peter Caplehorn . It is very common for professionals and tradespersons alike, to underline their careers with a reference to how long that career has lasted, and how long they have been doing what they do. I have have been an Architectural Technologist for 30 yrs. for example, and involved... Read more »

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