Apple Campus 2 – December 2016

This is very close to the culmination of the construction of Norman Foster's "spaceship" for Apple in Cupertino, California. Drone footage by Sexton Videography reveals that the end is near.

If only ALL Planning Committee Meetings were like this!!

Anyone whose ever attended a planning sub-committee meeting will recognise that this is as far from typical as it gets. The Steve Jobs road show pulled up at city hall Cupertino and in walked one of the greatest communicators on the planet. If you have ever seen a Jobs keynote speech you will understand why... Read more »

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Bad weather on site: simple tips and tools

There’s not an awful lot we can do about grim weather on job sites, and it will arrive at some time – particularly in the UK! But, with a bit of straightforward anticipation and preparation, we can mitigate the worst of the risks posed by excessive wind, rain and snow during winter works. Be prepared... Read more »

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Building Better with the Benefits of Lean Construction

Did you know that the construction industry is full of waste and inefficiencies?  This likely doesn’t come as a shock to many, but the extent of the loss is surprising.  According to a report from the Construction Industry Institute, 57 percent of all construction labour is waste.  If labour is that inefficient, consider how much... Read more »

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Common Preventive Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Overlook

Your home is an investment and chances are you’re already taking preventive measures to make sure it lasts for many years. But sometimes the most common preventive measures are easily overlooked by the average homeowner. Make sure you’re not missing any of these preventive maintenance tasks on your home maintenance to-do list. Clean the Gutters... Read more »

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