How Algae Could Change The Fossil Fuel Industry

Great strides have been made in recent years towards using renewable sources of energy, like electric vehicles, solar panels, wind energy and even algae. It might seem surprising, but algae is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have access to on Earth. When dried algae is ground into a powder and refined, oil can be extracted from it. The result is nearly identical to traditional gasoline, but with far more benefits. Dave Hazlebeck, CEO of Global Algae Innovations, gave Seeker a tour of his algae farm in Kauai, Hawaii, and explained how his company is revolutionizing sustainable energy. "The fuel that we're producing is exactly the same in terms of performance as gasoline or diesel or jet, it's just a lot cleaner. I think the big difference is (more…)


Innovative new building is a model case in building smarter, faster and safer   LONDON, 9th October 2018 – In 1990, there were just ten ‘megacities’ (cities of over 10 million). By 2015, that figure had jumped to 28, accounting for 12% of the world’s urban inhabitants. People are moving to urban centres attracted by... Read more »

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Engineering skill – computers versus humans?

Within the construction and engineering industries, technology has improved most areas of work, but could it eventually replace human skill altogether?  It’s unlikely, as most software, e.g. structure analysis software, is only as effective as the human using it. Computers offer assistance to engineering projects – and the successful link between computer programmes and engineering... Read more »

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What to Do if You Have Suffered an Injury on a Construction Site

Construction sites can be a minefield, and everywhere you turn could be another hazard. This is why accidents on construction sites are so common. Construction injury cases can also be difficult to decipher and can be difficult for victims who are trying to get compensated. However, with the proper help, and by understanding your rights... Read more »

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How to Make a Construction Site More Comfortable

Construction sites are classically seen as being abnormally uncomfortable places where strong men work in the gruelling hot sun for hours on end until their feet blister in their also abnormally uncomfortable (and heavy) boots. In other words, nobody thinks of a construction site and says to themselves, “hey, now that seems like a comfortable... Read more »

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