BLÅKLÄDER Workwear Product Review – Sept’15


A Building Design Expert Review of some selected workwear suitable for use by construction professionals whilst visiting construction sites. The focus is on the manufacturer's clothing fabric technology that promotes breathability, warmth and resistance to the weather providing overall comfort. This review looks at a handful of garments that may suit a building design, or construction professional either going to, or (more…)

If only ALL Planning Committee Meetings were like this!!

Anyone whose ever attended a planning sub-committee meeting will recognise that this is as far from typical as it gets. The Steve Jobs road show pulled up at city hall Cupertino and in walked one of the greatest communicators on the planet. If you have ever seen a Jobs keynote speech you will understand why... Read more »

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BDE Podcast – CDM 2015 with Peter Caplehorn

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – CDM 2015 with Peter Caplehorn . April 6 2015 saw the launch of the new Construction (Design and management) Regulations, and if the truth is acknowledged also saw a bit of a wake up of the construction design professions, who, hitherto had been able to keep the CDM 2007 Regulations at arms length,... Read more »

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Energy saving on the next level

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – Energy saving on the next level . You don’t have to be a highly qualified construction professional to get on in the world of construction. Cathy Debenham is a journalist; nothing wrong with that – But she is one with a mission. Having moved into a new house, and clutching her clean sweeping... Read more »

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Staging Your Build and Sell Projects to Sell Fast

Property developing is potentially lucrative, but to maximise your profits you need to pay attention to detail and do so at every stage. Developers with a building background are great at making sure that they get the best deals on materials and ensuring that the work done meets building regulations. Unfortunately, many builder developers are... Read more »

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