Fracking explained – opportunity or danger

Fracking explained in five minutes.

Fracking is a controversial topic. On the one side the gas drilling companies, on the other citizen opposed to this drilling method. Politicians are also divided on the matter. We try to take a neutral look on fracking. It is relevant for all of us, because of high prices for energy and the danger for our drinking water. This video focuses mostly on the debate currently ongoing in europe. In a lot of european countries there is a public outcry against fracking, espacially in germany. But the facts in this video are relevant to all of us. Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science. If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! :) We're a bunch of Information designers from munich, visit us on facebook or behance to say hi!

Maintenance Free – Suburban Myths – You mustn’t believe them all

Most people know, or know of the incredible engineering feat that created the iconic monument at ‘Stonehenge’. Reportedly huge pieces of natural stone were quarried in Pembrokeshire and transported 150 miles to where we can marvel at them today. That of course was around about 5000 years ago. I’m guessing admittedly, but they didn’t do... Read more »

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Relocatable aircraft hangars: The value of rapidly deployable shelters in war-zones

Relocatable buildings are a cost effective solution for many crisis situations. With examples seen across the world in war-zones, disaster areas and refugee scenarios, sustainable buildings are now a common sight. They offer increased flexibility, less waste, less environmental impact and take less time to set up. In war-zones, relocatable aircraft hangars are providing the... Read more »

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BDE Podcast – In conversation with Peter Caplehorn

BuildingDesignExpert Podcast – In Conversation with Peter Caplehorn . It is very common for professionals and tradespersons alike, to underline their careers with a reference to how long that career has lasted, and how long they have been doing what they do. I have have been an Architectural Technologist for 30 yrs. for example, and involved... Read more »

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The Chartered Architectural Technologist and the Green Deal

I nearly became a green deal assessor, after all I already had the socks. The shorts would transfer from another kit, I just had to order the shirt with favourite name and number on. Problem was I couldn’t decide between long and short sleeve. Phew, that saved the day then, as well as a lot... Read more »

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